Cabo San Lucas
December 21-26 2003

Steve, Doreen, Max and Sam made our annual pilgrimage to our (gasp) timeshare in Cabo San Lucas this past week. It was an abbreviated week because of a family friend's bar mitzvah, but it was a delightful and much appreciated break nonetheless. Here are a few photographic highlights...

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Much of what we love about Mexico is the food, but this bordered on the absurd...this was a 60 centimeter quesadilla that got the better of Max
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Max, Sam and Doreen mugging by one of the Playa Grande's beautiful pools
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Construction continues on the grounds. This will be the entrance to the main lobby, and even more units for those sleazy salesman to hawk!
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This is Max and Sammy's favorite store
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Yikes! Call your lawyers, Aunt Cynthia!
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The landscape beautician manicures the beach for us every morning
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Doreen pays her respects at a church in La Paz
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Of all things, we discovered a hidden Masonic temple in La Paz!
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Mexican toy store
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Evey morning the fishing boats schlepped sleepy tourists out to try their luck in the ocean
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Sam, beach frisbee master-in-training
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Max, learning well, too
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Who is this kid, anyway?
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Sammy delights in another ride
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The Maller boys, showing why we encourage them to play baseball and basketball
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Max, ever graceful
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Max, feeling brave
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A cool action shot
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Sam on the move
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Click any of these photos to see a LARGER version. Enjoy!
Displaying photos 1 to 20 of 20

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