The Remodeling Continues...

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These pictures were taken with my digital camera, the Nikon Coolpix 950.

UPDATE: Monday, May 10 1999, a crew from Pottery Parn Kids arrived at 8:00 AM for a three-day catalog shoot. Check out the unique pandemonium that this caused at this web page!

Update: June 29, 1999
The Stove Arrives and the Painting's Almost Done

It's official once Doreen tells her mother...and here she is on the phone with Sylvia!

Viking's finest...and now it's ours!
Update: June 10, 1999
The Floors Are In And The Wainscotting's Almost Done

The State Of Things As Of June 10...the granite countertops are in now!

Some of John Rashleger's handiwork

The hardwood floor goes into the family room
Update: June 2, 1999
The Tile Floor Goes In

Here are the little hexagon tiles (they're about 2 inches across)

Paul works diligently to set the tiles

More progress on the tiles
Update: May 26, 1999
The Cabinets Are Set And The Paneling Goes Up

Before the upper hutch cabinet was set...

...and after it was set.

Our most excellent and studly vent hood (with three blowers and three halogen lights!)

This is the biggest of the upper glass-front cabinets

Doreen's "farm sink"

The wainscotting goes into the family room, one four-inch panel at a time!
Update: May 21, 1999
The Cabinets Arrive!

The truck opens to reveal a kitchen!

Things were packed in rather snugly.

The upper cabinets (there will be glass in there once they're painted).

The lazy susan.

John and Chris battle one of the larger pieces off the truck.

Our kitchen is sitting on our lawn.
Update: May 12, 1999

Update: May 12: The framing inspection is complete, and the drywalling has begun! The shape of the kitchen is beginning to take shape...

The whole thing has now been demolished, except for the linoleum floor, which is supposed to be donated to a nearby museum.
Update: May 2, 1999
Demolition Progress

Now the landscaper has finished the grading, irrigation, and fertilizing, and we're ready to start planting (the gaps in the fences are there for easy access...they'll be closed off soon).

My best friend Gary wanted to see The New it is!

Here's a view from the family room towards the kitchen. This area is all about to be demolished.

Here's a view from the kitchen towards the dining room.

Here's the patio area after the old patio was demolished and removed. As you can see, there was no shortage of dirt.

Here's the patio all done and ready for our first barbeque!