On Saturday evening, March 14, 1998, Doreen crossed over the fabled chronological threshold commonly known as "the hill". After months of planning, the evening was finally celebrated in grand style at The Plush Room Cabaret and close to eighty of her family and friends were there. Here's the story of the evening in pictures.

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Alfred and Sylvia, Doreen's parents

Doreen's friend Anna

Doreen's friend Barry Chertov

Doreen's co-workers Diane and Bobby

Action on the Dance floor

Doreen's father-in-law, "Grandpa" Harry and his wife Holly

Doreen and Uncle Dino

Doreen dancing

Doreen toasting the crowd

Doreen dancing with friend Christianne

Doreen's brother-in-law Laurence Maller

Doreen's dear friend Elise (who came all the way from Denver!)

Doreen dancing with friend Christianne

Doreen toasting the crowd

Doreen kibbitzing with dear friends Mark and Paula

Doreen and husband Steve cutting up with friends Anna, Jenny and Chris

Best man Gary is lip-locked with his new squeeze, Jessie

Miss June teaches us all how it's done

More dance floor action

Miss June locates the venue! Thank you, June!

Doreen and her sister-in-law Bobbie from Tucson, AZ

Doreen and her court: Anna, Jenny and Chris

Anna dances with Doreen's mom Sylvia

Steve shows an appropriate amount of respect for Doreen

Doreen gets a singing telegram from Cousins Barbara and Bill in Brooklyn

Husband Steve relaxes with Doreen's father Alfred

Steve and his dad's wife Holly (his stepmom?)

Steve after a particularly energetic turn on the dance floor

Doreen showing the upward-tug dress-adjustment move that she made famous that night

Doreen flanked by Anna and Jenny

The carcass of a wonderful birthday cake

Uncle Gary, Jessie, the Blooms and the Licollis

Al and Sylvia demonstrating the fine form that's won them acclaim throughout the Borscht Belt

Steve and Doreen mugging for the camera

Doreen going through her gifts "the morning after"