The Mallers and our friends do Halloween!

Throughout the day of Saturday, October 31, 1998, the Mallers joined in celebration with our friends for our Halloween celebration. First, the kids donned their costumes and got into character.

Then we ventured to Patty and Will's house to party in the cosmo jump for a while. Then we came back home and entertained with our partners in crime, Robin and Ron.

Dozens of friends (new and old) joined in the evening's festivities, and a great time was had by all. At least we think it was...we all had a bit too much punch and candy!

Samuel as Robin

Astronaut Max suits up

Max and Sam and their effigies

Steve was a cricket

Eric hits the sauce early in the day

Baby time!

Sammy is caught breaking into the stash

Max airborne

Max airborne

Max airborne

Max airborne

Samuel does a perfect belly-flop

Alicia somersaults

Sam shows off his playroom back at home

Max checks out the witch's brew

Doreen's kitchen is apparently the place to be!

The littlest kitten

Sandy as Dorothy

Ron, the pizza man!

Sam, the guitar man!

Sam and Sandy's grandparents and great-grandma

The feeding trough

Rena knocked 'em dead

Vincent was totally creepy

Taylor as a ninja

Adam as the Scarecrow

Alicia as a ghost

...and here they all are! Click here for a very large version of this picture, suitable for printing (it's )

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