In Peace
by Steve Maller
written September 11, 2003

Two years ago we awoke to a world of fear
An unfamiliar place
Brothers and sisters, parents and children
Cried out for an answer
We all lost someone

Heroism and courage won the day
Unlikely martyrs and reluctant survivors

America grew closer but the oceans grew deeper
In one day the global village was burned
By cowardly and stupid acts
That perverted faith

My family and I pray for peace
Our thoughts are with so many today
Healing for the parents
       whose planes never made it to the gate
Healing for the children
       whose fathers bravely scaled those many steps
Healing for the husbands
       whose wives were 90 floors closer to heaven

May our children never again feel
The hatred that brought that day
And may people all over the world
Find a way to reach out to their neighbor
In peace