Max Maller's home page

Max at his friend Doug's Bar Mitzvah
May 2004
Born: August 6, 1991 in San Francisco, California.
Two parents: Steve and Doreen.
One brother: Samuel.
Computer: Apple Power Macintosh G4 Cube

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Here are some photos from Max's 10th Birthday party.
Max, his mom Doreen and his friend Toby participated in a fundraising walk for Breast Cancer research.
Here's a diorama that Max made in October of 1998 for school.
Here's the invitation to Max's 6th birthday party.
click the face to see a birthday card Max drew for his Mommy
Max's mom was in Hong Kong recently. Click the picture to see a picture he drew for her.
You can see scenes from Max's first soccer camp from the summer of 1997.
Here are some photos from our 1996 Halloween festivities!
Max's kindergarten class put together a wonderful book. Click here to see it.

The Gallery (there's more photos here!)