From September 1st through September 4th 2000, almost thirty members of the Paley family gathered in San Francisco for the first Family Circle meeting of the 21st Century.
Who was there
  • Alfred and Sylvia Paley
  • Berny Paley
  • Dale and Bob Macdonald
  • Doreen, Steve, Max and Samuel Maller
  • Herbert and Abbey Paley
  • Howard, Bobbie and Ross Paley
  • Hubert Paley
  • Jayah Paley
  • Mark Gilbert
  • Maxine Richman and Larry Garber
  • Michele Keleher
  • Neil and Lennie Schrantz
  • Norton and Annette Paley
  • Seymour and Dottie Paley
  • Sylvia Gilbert
  • Valerie Hornick
What did we do?
  • Family meeting
  • Gourmet lunch at Dino's, a San Francisco landmark!
  • Dinner at R & G Executive Lounge in San Francisco's Chinatown
  • Beach Blanket Babylon
  • Sunday brunch at the Sheraton Palace Hotel's Garden Court restaurant
  • Cruise and Jailhouse tour of Alcatraz
  • Labor Day brunch at the Maller house in Burlingame
How about those photos of Berny? Steve Maller (Doreen's husband) created the "marketing" materials for the Reunion, including the photographs of Berny posing on and behind the Golden Gate Bridge. Steve took all the photographs, then performed the magic using a program called Adobe Photoshop. Click one of the pictures to the right to see copies of these two pictures.
How about some photos of the fun? I'm glad you asked! :-)