The Mallers in Southern Africa - June-July 2000
This is a work in photographs and stories will appear here as I post them.

The trip went swimmingly after the initial snafu in J'burg. Delta Lodge was quite nice. They were terrified about having Max and Sam in the Mokoros and walking on Chief's Island. They fully expected one or both of the kids to get snatched at any moment. It was quite funny, really. But the lodge was really nice. We had a funny run in with a couple of warthogs there, too.

Matt, Shaffi, and the crew from Capricorn were just incredible. We felt blessed to have such a nice group of folks looking after us 'on the road'. They really took a shine to the boys (and vice versa!) and bent over backwards at every turn to cater to the grownups, too. In particular, they really did a great job of accommodating Grandma Judy, who got a little sick along the way. Matt is a really super kid, and Brigette, you're lucky Max and Sammy didn't smuggle him home in their baggage!

Chobe Game Lodge was a welcome break after roughing it for a week. We had a wonderful guide there (Patrick) who did an amazing job of tracking. We saw more lions those three days than the whole rest of the trip. He is a native, and actually was born in the original Serondella village before his people were thrown out of the Nat'l Park and relocated to Kasane.

Finally, Taita Falcon Lodge was an unexpected treasure. The folks there have built (as my mother called it) a "Shangri-La". Stunning location, outstanding service, and wonderful amenities. The "roads" (being very generous here!) were horrendous, even by African standards, but it hardly mattered. If anything, it added to the ambiance. And the visit to the Mikuni Village that they arranged for us was one of the highlights of our African experience to date.

Click any of the photos below to see an enlargement. If you have a fast internet connection (or you're patient) you can see high-resolution versions of these photographs.

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