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Thailand, The Land of Smiles

July 3-5: In Transit

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We decided on Singapore Airlines because they have a great reputation for service, and we knew we'd need a lot of service because getting to Bangkok takes about 22 hours of flying time, and several more of layovers (there was two stops on the way). SIA also offers in-seat movies in Economy class, and has dozens of Nintendo games built in to their system, too. This had proved to be a godsend on our Virgin Atlantic flights to Africa. We left at 2:00 PM on July 3 for the first leg, a 12 hour flight to Seoul, South Korea. After a very quick stop there, we continued on the same plane for six and a half more hours to Singapore, where we were scheduled for a 7 hour stop. I had hoped to secure a room or two in their "transit hotel", but they had no rooms. So we just camped out in the airport (which was magnificent), watched ESPN, CNN (such terrible news from LAX!), and used their free ethernet connections to check up on email, etc.
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Max cracks up listening to Bill Cosby while waiting for our flight out of SFO
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Our trusty steed
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Hey cousin Berny, we found the Colonel! (Seoul, South Korea)
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We like free internet access (Singapore Airport)
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Somehow I don't think this would go over well stateside... (poolside at our hotel in Bangkok)
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Street scene in Bangkok
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Strolling the "night market" in Bangkok
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There were many dark staircases leading to mysterious upstairs pleasure palaces. We didn't go up any of them.
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Sam feeds a baby elephant on the street. We felt a little guilty, but what a bargain...I talked the guy down to one dollar!
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In the lobby of our hotel, snapped by Nat, our guide.
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