The Maller Family Travel Gazette:
Thailand, The Land of Smiles

July 6: The Adventure Commences

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We awoke early and headed off to the famous Floating Markets of Bangkok. On the way, we stopped at an interesting little roadside stand where we saw, learned and tasted the process of making coconut sugar. Yum! We arrived at the Floating Markets a while later, and we went for an exciting boat ride throught the channels leading to the market. Once there, it was a little contrived, until we found the part of the market that seems more for the local people. They sell fresh fruit and vegetables and there are also many floating kitchens where interesting and exotic dishes were being prepared. The next stop was the Rose Garden, a beautiful place with a fun show where we saw Thai kickboxing and an amusing elephant show. We came back to the hotel late in the afternoon and the kids checked out the swimming pool. We then went to dinner at Silom Village, where we also had a delightful show which followed a tasty dinner. This was an exciting day, and we look forward to many more like it!
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The tools and process for making coconut sugar
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A captive monkey is reduced to begging
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A classic Siamese Cat
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We board the boat for the Floating Markets
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We enter the Floating Markets
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An exchange of fruit and vegetables
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Curiously, this part of the market was almost all women.
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Whimsical elephant topiary at the Rose Garden
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Max at the business end of a domesticated elephant
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Steve's quest for cultural understanding continues in spite of obvious discomfort
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Thai kickboxing demonstration
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The Mishpucha at the Silom Village restaurant
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Dancer at the Silom Village restaurant
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Dancer at the Silom Village restaurant
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Neither Max nor Sam was able to shake off the jet lag and make it through the dinner show
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Doreen, looking glamourous despite being just as jetlagged as the rest of does she do it?
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