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Thailand, The Land of Smiles

July 7: Temples, Buddhas and the Grand Palace

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Today we saw some of the grandeur that typifies the ornate history of this beautiful land. We saw some of the most famous Buddhas in the world, including the Emerald Buddha (no photos allowed!) and the 48 meter long (one half a football field!) Reclining Buddha. We visited the Grand Palace, a compound of dozens of some of the most ornate and amazing architecture we've ever seen. We learned about the Buddhist priesthood and the life of a monk, and Sam even took a turn with the "robe and bowl".
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Max and Sammy and the Golden Buddha, which weighs 3,800 pounds, and is solid gold
size: 77K

When praying in Buddhist temples, the Thai have a tradition of adding a small bit of gold to the Buddha in the temple. This is done with a small, postage-stamp-sized bit of 24K gold that is available to worshippers for a donation.
size: 49K

These are the offering supplies available to the worshippers. For a donation, you get a few incense sticks, a candle, and a slip of paper with a very thin piece of gold leaf that you rub onto the Buddha.
size: 68K

Prayers during an initiation ceremony for new monks
size: 70K

A particularly fearsome fellow guarding one of the Temples that we visited
size: 49K

Lotus blossoms for sale in the street market. These are used for prayer offerings, among other things.
size: 74K

A mouth-watering array of fresh vegetables laid out in one of the street markets...fetch me my wok!
size: 94K

Many street vendors also cook up local dishes right on the street. This was a fish stew. The smells of the street market are unforgettable and make your mouth water!
size: 55K

A happy young flower vendor and her merchandise
size: 78K

Steve at the Grand Palace
size: 42K

Our wonderful guide Nat strikes a pose in front of one of the Grand Palace's many dancing dragons
size: 79K

A temple cat at the Grand Palace
size: 23K

A couple of small golden buddhas where people make offerings before entering the temple at the Grand Palace (photo by Max)
size: 85K

A corner of the main temple at the Grand Palace, showing the magnificent symmetry and beautiful attention to detail (photo by Max)
size: 117K

Detail of one of the exterior walls at the Grand Palace
size: 84K

The Thais have an interesting obsession with fingernails in their art, architecture and dance. This is a detail from a roof at the Grand Palace.
size: 79K

The famous Reclining Buddha is an awe-inspiring tribute to the Lord Buddha. It is 46 meters long (1/2 of an American football field!)
size: 60K

At the Reclining Buddha, we made a donation to the restoration project, and we were able to put our names on some new roof tiles for the building.
size: 63K

After the Grand Palace, we took a long boat ride down a klong (canal) into one of the poorer areas of Bangkok. Max looks a bit apprehensive.
size: 49K

Wall detail at the Temple of Dawn
size: 60K

Doreen descending the very steep steps at the Temple of Dawn.
size: 78K

The Temple of Dawn
size: 87K

Detail of the outside wall of the Temple of Dawn
size: 101K

The top of the spire of the Temple of Dawn
size: 84K

Your hosts at the Temple of Dawn (note to self: definite 2002 Hannukah card material...)
size: 104K

Doreen and Max in a private moment on the boat trip through the klongs
size: 46K

Sam trades in his Nikes and shades for the "robe and bowl" of the Thai buddhist monk.
size: 36K
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Displaying photos 1 to 27 of 27

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