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July 7: Bangkok's Underbelly

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One of the more interesting things we've done is take a longboat, ride through the klongs (canals) of one of Bangok's poorest areas. These photos are separated out here because they sort of stand on their own. Please take a look to get an appreciate how some people in the world live in the age of satellite television and the internet.
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Children gathered at the water's edge.
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Many of these houses look like a stiff breeze could blow them over. Our guide said that, in fact, when the typhoons come every few years, they do invariably wipe out huge numbers of these houses.
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One of the river's many houseboats, looking like a Hollywood set decorator's version of armegeddon on the water.
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The residents' choice of building materials is at times pathetic, at others poetic.
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Even the most dilapidated buildings are active, vibrant residences.
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Any man of considerable size would be terrified to set foot in some of these structures.
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Plumbing appears to be more a state of mind than a public service.
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Can you see the satellite dish in this photograph? One wonders...
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Is a house is not a home without a dog?
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What a first seemed like it might be something illicit like a drug deal or something turned out to be a pizza delivery!
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...and yet even this neighborhood has flashes of real beauty.
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