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Thailand, The Land of Smiles

July 9: Temple Monkeys and 300km due north

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In another Special Edition your photographer takes you on a topical tour. This edition attempts to capture the mood, the sounds and smells, the light and darkness of an evening on the streets of a Thai city. The locale is Phitsanuloke, which is pronounced "pit-san-oo-lock", or so I believe, not that this city is all that different than any other we've visited to date. Our mode of transport was quite novel and exciting: three-wheeled bicycle taxis. These brave drivers must have been gravely disappointed in their enormous American fare, but they bravely pedaled for at least an hour on the streets of Phitsanuloke.
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It was a very hot afternoon (as they all are) and we enjoyed an hour or so at the hotel pool.
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Sam and Doreen are ready for takeoff.
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Nat and Max are underway in their bicycle taxi.
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One of the many beautiful, friendly faces we saw along the route.
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Now are these two related, or what? Good grief!
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Unfortunately our tour guide didn't think we'd be adventurous enough to eat dinner down there, but it sure looked good.
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Nat points out some of the more exotic edibles.
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Yes, these are actually fried caterpillars.
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Sam and Doreen driving hard bargain for a small Pokemon tchachke
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Another "shayna punim"
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Late night roadside dining
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These little motorcycles are everywhere, often ferrying two and sometimes three people
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Thai streets at night are family-friendly...there were children everywhere.
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Even the goings on in the shadows seem quite innocent
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This young lady emerged quite dramatically from a darkened alley, and gave me the evening's favorite photo.
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Here we are with our very tired drivers
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