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July 10: Buddhas, Buddhas and More Buddhas

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We have learned that the Thai people are very spiritual, and adore their Buddha images. Each of them is distinctive, and many we've seen are very, very old. We visited two such historical sites today, one of them active, and one a beautifully preserved collection of ancient ruins. We also visited a foundry where artisans craft new Buddha images, keeping alive a tradition that goes back hundreds of years.
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Thai Buddhists tradditionally bring offerings to the Buddha when they come to pray if they have come upon any good fortune. This shows some of the offering material one can purchase, including the face of a pig, various flower arrangements, and fresh produce.
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The Wat Buddha Chinarat, one of the most distinctive, elegant and famous of Thailand's Buddhas.
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Steve in his Jewish Day School t-shirt, just because...
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A lady preparing offerings to one of the memorial Buddhas of the Wat Chinarat. These were placed here by wealthy families in memory of their loved ones, but the practice didn't last long because they quickly ran out of space.
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Chinese Buddhas appear every once in a while, in deference to the Chinese minority in Thailand. Their appearance may be more familiar to Americans.
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I was struck by this hat, priced at 50 baht (about $1.25 US). I suspect those who pay $15 or $20 or so for the same thing at the San Francisco Niketown store might not appreciate this.
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Doreen, ever the good sport, tries on one of the traditional local dancer's caps
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Seeds, nuts, and other delectibles are everywhere, and have a melody all their own
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Another shayna punim!
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I'm not sure I can do justice to this just tickled us when we saw it, and continues to do so
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At the Buddha foundry (factory) in Phitsanuloke, an artisan lovingly crafts a beautiful Buddha
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A new Buddha awaiting deliver to its new home
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Local color
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We visited the ruins at Sukhothai Historical Park, which has been magnificently landscaped and excavated
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Sam Maller, travelin' dude
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One of the large Buddhas at Sukhothai Historical Park
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The beautifully landscaped grounds. One of the King's daughters has assumed responsibility for this park, and must be commended for her great taste and vision
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Move over, CNN...Max and Sam news is On The Air live from Sukhothai Historical Park in Thailand
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Beautiful relief work on the side of one of the temples
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Every angle within the old temple grounds affords an interesting perspective
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A large concrete Buddha, with your hosts shown for scale
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More exploring
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One of the most distinctive Buddhas on the Sukhothai grounds is this one, which has an eerie presence
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A modern Walking Buddha, placed on the grounds by a local artist in homage to the place's history
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