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July 10: Buddhas, Buddhas and More Buddhas

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If you look on a map, you'll see that it's about 300km as the crow flies from Sukhothai to Chiang Rai. Needless to say, we didn't have access to a crow. So today called for about 400km (240 miles) of driving, and much of that would be on winding mountain roads. In spite of insurmountable odds, these four sweaty, weary travelers stuck in a moderately airconditioned diesel minibus managed to survive the day. Along the way, we stopped at the "Big Sukhothai Buddha" (take a guess who posed for that photo), some truly adorable water buffalo, and the Wat Pratarlampangluang, a nice older temple in the countryside. Oh yes, and Happy Birthday to our dear Uncle Laurence...we hope you enjoyed your big day!
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Steve and the only thing he's found in this country so far that's bigger than him: The "Big Sukhothai Buddha".
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Thais in the north of the country use water buffalo much as others use cattle. Here were a couple of adorable ones, probably a mother and her calf.
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Sam and Max, befuddled the correct pronunciation of "Wat Pratarlampangluang"
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Wat Pratarlampangluang has these creatures guarding its entrance. They're said to be lions, but I've seen lions...these aren't lions.
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Many of the provincial temples are open-air style, which gives them a lovely spaciousness and nice light in the daytime
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Despite coming a long way in terms of liberation of their women, evidence of the chauvanism of days gone by still remains (steps to a sanctuary at Wat Pratarlampangluang)
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The sacred Banyan trees that surround this temple are curiously propped up with these ceremonial sticks, which are apparently added one per year. This is a mysterious practice that piqued our curiousity, but we have been unable to get a more throrough explanation.
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