The Maller Family Travel Gazette:
Thailand, The Land of Smiles

July 19: Billiards, Butterflies and Bespoke

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The past 24 hours have been an amalgam of interesting pursuits, some very Thai-like, some very Maller-like. Yesterday Max and Sam found a pool room at the resort, and had an hour of spirited, if less than spectacular billiards play. Later that afternoon, Doreen treated herself to another wonderful, inexpensive Thai foot massage, this time poolside under the trees. Today we decided to rent a car, and although nervous about driving on the wrong side of the road in the very unique Thai style, we pressed on. We stopped at a nice butterfly farm on the way around the island of Phuket. We also stopped at a scenic overlook where there was a curious homage to elephants there. We could only guess why there were hundreds of small carved wood elephants around the main altar. Such is touring in Thailand without a guide and with no command of the language. Finally, we dropped back into Mr. Alam's tailor shop and got our last fittings for our new wardrobes. Max and Sam got custom dress shirts as gifts, and we all agreed that we'll look smashing at Grandpa Harry's wedding! If you're ever in Phuket, you should look up Mr. Alam, and tell him the Maller family sent you. You can telephone him at 07-6-396139. His shop is adjacent the Karon Villa Resort at 36/6 Karon Beach Road.
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Sam in the resort's pool room showing his excellent form
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Max utilizing some of the cool hardware they have down there
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Doreen enjoys a Thai foot massage poolside while the boys galavant nearby
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Butterfly at the gardens we visited
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A little elephant perched atop a big one at a Buddhist shrine
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Some of the hundreds of elephants mysteriously arranged around a Buddhist shrine at a lookout at the far south end of Phuket island
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The Buddhist shrine
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The elephants also adorned a nearby lighthouse (photo by Max!)
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Steve being fitted by Mr. Alam at his tailor shop. He assured me the final product will have sleeves!
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Steve and Samuel are throroughly enjoying being fussed over by Mr. Alam and his helpful staff
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Max in his new, custom tailored shirt
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Sam beams his approval
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Doreen is radiant in her new dress and suit
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